Lola Lends a Paw


This week the humans have been doing different tasks around the house, and I have been helping them!

Yeah, you are such a good help, Lola.

Thanks! I think so too!

First I helped Zoe sort through her hats and gloves basket:

Then I helped Zoe’s dad, who was painting the downstairs walls, by sitting on the different paint samples, and drinking up the dirty paint water that he used to wash the paint brushes with:

But it’s good to know that I’m not the only one helping their humans. Here is a picture of Sterling (Zoe’s cousins dog) helping Zoe’s uncle sort his string:


Meanwhile I caught up on my show “Battlestar Galactica”:


Hey Lola, do you ever wonder if I might be a cylon?



Fruit flies launched in 1947 became the first animals to reach outer space and be recovered alive.


2 thoughts on “Lola Lends a Paw

  1. I’m loving that Fur Kids commentator who is obvs Phil Dunphy’s cousin.
    My kitties help with household tasks as well. Dimitri worked very hard to get every pesky needle off the Christmas tree, this involved a lot of leaping and batting.
    Nym tests out every pillow in the house to see if it is comfortable. She should work at a furniture store.
    Bella is our therapist taking the emotional temperature of a room and providing emotional support.
    And Sterling aside from untangling string also takes his job as vacuum very seriously and will sit right by my side while I chop a salad throwing himself at any stray bit that falls.


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