What Is My Human Thinking?


You readers know that I am a real bookworm (in Norwegian someone who reads a lot is called a “lesehest”, which means reading-horse). I discovered a book called “What Is My Cat Thinking?ˮ by Gwen Bailey.


The book is meant to help humans understand us cats by explaining our body language. Here are some examples from Bailey’s book:


think1The book is very accurate, and Bailey is right 99.9% of the time. Even I, Sasha, learned something from that book, and we all know that that takes a lot!

We thought this was such a good idea that we want to write the same kind of book for cats to better understand their humans. Let’s face it, humans can behave very bizarrely, and it’s hard to guess what you humans really are thinking!

Here is what we’ve done for the book so far:





Cats like to rub against their humans and other cats they live with to mix their scent with theirs. Cats have scent glands in several places on their heads and faces, and some other places on their bodies.  (These facts were taken from the book “What Is My Cat Thinking?”, by Gwen Bailey.)


Our motto is that every human should have a cat for protection and affection!

7 thoughts on “What Is My Human Thinking?

  1. And when people screw up their eyes, smile and say ” iiiih” they want to fool cats to believe that they are cats too. But I don’t think they can fool you two smarties😉
    The Danish word for screwing ones eyes is ” at misse med øjnene”.Literally to cat with your eyes.
    “Mis” is rural language meaning “cat”


    • You’re right: humans can’t usually fool us into thinking they are cats. However, the other day Zoe put on a catmask and truly freaked out Sasha! Her hair stood up on end and her breathing became quick and shallow and she started to run away. Then Zoe took off her mask and Sasha was fine again. Zoe tried the same thing on Lola but she didn’t react at all.
      L&S 🙂


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