Cat Quarrel


This week we’ve been fighting a bit. But only play fighting of course.

Sasha, you always start the fights. I do not! Well, this video says something completely different:

Fine. I might have started that one. But I did win!  Yeah yeah. You won that one, but I won this one: 

Ok, I guess we’re square then. Yeah.  

It would be nice if Zoe’s mom learned how to take a video of us while holding the camera the right way for once though.

The other thing I have been up to this week is that I have been enjoying looking at the full page ad for the play Zoe is going to be in! The premiere is the week after next!



While the wildcat ancestors of domestic cats are solitary animals, the social behaviour of domestic cats varies with the density of cats and availability of food sources. Domestic cats retain their roots as solitary hunters, but will sometimes adapt to group-living depending on the conditions. Among free-living domestic cats, some females form small groups (sort of like a pride of lions), whereas other free-living domestic cats remain solitary and keep individual territories, which is more typical of most wild cat species.


The video pick today were the two videos of us fighting. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cat Quarrel

  1. Cat fight!!!! Love it. Perhaps the two of you could illustrate more cat proverbs/idioms.
    Like:A cat in grass is a tiger in the jungle.
    Let the cat out of the bag.
    Has the cat got your tongue?
    Like a cat on a hot tin roof.
    Like herding cats
    Look what the cat dragged in
    Cat nap
    Just not Curiosity killed the cat.

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  2. So gracious movements with a natural flow – at the same time you are completely focused on each other and know exactly when to stop so no harm is taken. If Zoe ever has to perform a fight on stage, your coaching skills must be appreciated.

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    • Yeah, Zoe better appreciate our fighting skills or else it’s og time if you know what I mean. And one time Zoe actually did a pirate and native American fighting scene.
      L&S 🙂


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