Bella’s Blue Ball


We have been congratulating Bella about her big blue ball breakthrough! You might be wondering who this Bella is.

Well, Bella is Zoe’s cousin Olivia’s pitbull terrier dog. Bella was adopted (just like us) from a dog shelter.


She was a very sweet dog, but she didn’t know how to play. She just didn’t know what to do with balls or other dog toys. Maybe her previous owner didn’t ever play with her. That’s sad!


But suddenly things changed for the better. Being in the care of Olivia, Bella seems to have gained confidence and playfulness! The other day Bella started playing with a big blue ball that Zoe’s mom gave to her last summer.

Were so so happy for Bella! It’s important to give all animals a second chance!

Here is a shout out to our viewer in Italy!


Owning a pet can lower blood pressure and boost immunity.


This is Bella with her new toy:


10 thoughts on “Bella’s Blue Ball

  1. Bella is so honored to be featured! You two did a very good job capturing what she went through. Thank you for telling her story!


  2. Bella has come so far since she became part of the family. She is beginning to greet people in a less over the top fashion as well. She finally met my friend Leigh last week and when Leigh approached Bella sat down as Leigh sat and then she placed one paw on Leigh’s shoulder and looked soulfully into her eyes. Eventually she got both her paws on Leigh’s shoulders and they just sat quietly cheek to cheek until Leigh and I had to go.
    She is still scared of brooms and if I forget and try to sweep when she is around she runs and cowers in the corner. We are pretty sure that brooms were used against her in her previous home. Perhaps when she made a mess someone had to clean up.
    Love you guys
    Auntie Jojo


  3. Well, so inspiring to read how the families i Norway and US are shelters for cats and dog.
    How would You Sasha and Lola calm Bella or inspire her to play. Maybe you have tricks in your paws way back to the time when Zoe made you befriend each other?


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