Out of the Closet


This week Lola has been up to her old habit: going into the closet in Zoe’s bedroom.

The problem is that she goes in the closet when the humans have left it open, and the humans usually don’t know that she is in there, so they just close the doors.

She actually really likes tucking herself into small, snug and dark spaces. I personally don’t get it, but, hey, you do you, Lola.

What happens then is that I start to get a little anxious, and I run around and try to catch the attention of the humans, yelling in their faces that Lola is stuck in the closet and that they need to help her. But they rarely seem to understand what I am so frantically telling them…


Luckily Lola most often is smart enough to get out by herself:

And when she comes out, I am always happy to see her!



Newborn piglets learn to run to their mothers’ voices, and can recognize their own names by the time they’re 2 weeks old. Sows have even been known to sing to their young whilst nursing!



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