Welcome back!


This week the cat that lived with Zoe’s grandmother died at the age of 15 and a half. We never got to know Hickey, but Zoe did and now she is heartbroken. Zoe has known Hickey for her whole life, so it was hard for Zoe to hear that he had passed away. When Zoe was little she could just bury her head in Hickey’s big fat stomach, Hickey didn’t mind. He was so patient, understanding, warm and great with kids. Here are some pictures of Zoe and Hickey together:

DSC_1177   DSC_1173

003   006


RIP Hickey.

There is a little evergreen tree in a pot in our living room. It has been there since Christmas when it was used as a Christmas tree. After looking at this thing for two months now we got curious about what it tasted like. So we had a nibble at it. MISTAKE ! ! ! The rest of the day we plucked out evergreen needles from in between our teeth. Here are pictures of us with that stupid tree:

S tree          tree


When a family cat died in ancient Egypt, family members would mourn by shaving off their eyebrows. I wonder why Zoe hasn’t done that for Hickey? Yeah, I wonder why?


Here is a slimy video for you viewers:


4 thoughts on “Welcome back!

  1. Hi Lola and Sasha,

    I’m sad about Hicky too. RIP Hicky.

    About slime: I’m glad to know about the little fish and their ability to create protective slime. Do you think we do the same thing when we’ve got a cold and our nose runs and runs with slime too?
    A good idea.

    Write some more posts soon.



  2. Darling cat. His life was long and sweet and cushy. He loved and adored your visits from the tip of his white nose to end of his glossy tail..


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