Lola & Sasha Take Over the World

This week we have been noticing how international our readers are!
Yes! You guys are from all over the world!


Here is a list of all the countries our readers come from since we started this blog in 2015:


The mirror test was invented in 1970 by a psychologist to determine whether animals have visual self-recognition or self-awareness. In the classic version of the test, an animal is anaesthetized and paint is dabbed on a part of the body the animal can’t see, like the forehead. When the animal wakes up, it is put in front of a mirror. If the animal touches or investigates the mark on its body, this is supposed to mean that the animal knows that the image in the mirror is itself, rather than another animal. As of 2016, only the great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, humans), dolphins, orcas (killer whales), Eurasian magpies and a single Asiatic elephant had passed the test. Not everyone believes the test really shows whether an animal has self-awareness. Some people believe that even if an animal fails the test, it still might have self-awareness.


7 thoughts on “Lola & Sasha Take Over the World

  1. THAT IS 73 COUNTRIES!!!! Unintentional caps. Wowsa! What os the order exactly? Not alphabetical, seemingly not be amount of traffic unless it is inverse…. why do I care? Auntie Hanne

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