Mystery Viewers


We’ve been checking our blog statistics. And we were curious to see where you viewers come from. And you come from all over the world, practically! That is just awesome!

Here is a screenshot of the statistics:

ready map

We have friends and family in these countries: US, Denmark, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Israel, New Zealand, Iceland and Spain. And the rest of you are basically our cool mystery viewers.

P.S. Tell your friends and family about our blog! It would be realy cool if we got more viewers.


A domestic cat’s sense of smell is about fourteen times as strong as a human’s. I knew I smelled great, but I didn’t know that I smelled that great! That’s not what it means!


4 thoughts on “Mystery Viewers

  1. Dear Lola and Sasha
    . It’s wonderful that people from 16 different countries can read about you and all the other interesting information about cats in general you share. I’m looking forward to follow you in the future.


  2. That joke at the end was hilarious. Sasha, have you ever considered stand-up comedy? Also I think I might be that user in Turkey, during our 8 hour layover there in May. What are you two up to while Zoe is in Greece? Do you guys correspond over email/post cards/smoke signals? If so, I would love to see some emails from you two back and forth.


  3. Livy, actually we don’t think that was you. The viewer in Turkey viewed us on 14th of June.
    You’re in luck, because we are going to do a blog post about our communication with Zoe while she is on holiday. XXX OOO L&S


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