Prankster Cats


Things have started to get a little boring around here, so we decided to liven the humans up a bit with some practical jokes!




Zoe has been sick with a cold all weekend so we thought we’d help her get back her spark with these hilarious pranks! 😉


Scientific studies have shown that domestic cats have a highly evolved sense of humor.

Just kidding, we made that up!

Here is the real fact:

The ancestors of domestic cats lived in the desert, so they are comfortable lying on very warm surfaces. No kidding!


2 thoughts on “Prankster Cats

  1. Oh Zoe I’m in love with that rat. SO beautiful. As you know your mom and I had pet rats in childhood, I even saved one from a lab at Brown University and brought it home and named it Silverweed. I too would do anything for a bite of bananas just like those rats. I must eat 3-4 a day. Maybe I’ll move to Tanzania and apply for a job…
    BTW I’m not showing Nym the latest blog because I don’t want her to get any ideas. Like putting super glue on the toilet seat.


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