Can’t Make Up Our Minds


We’ve been trying to decide whether it’s fun or scary to go outside. The fresh green grass is tasty and it’s fun to chase birds and bugs. What’s not fun is the aggressive cat next door and sometimes there are even dogs that run into our garden.

So sometimes we just can’t make up our minds. We really want to go out now that summer is here, but we don’t want to be surprised by an unfriendly cat or dog! This is what it looks like when we can’t quite decide:

Eventually, I decided to take the plunge and take a walk in the garden. It was glorious!

Lola, did your bravery have anything to do with the fact that Zoe’s mom was out there weeding and trimming the hedges?

Well, maybe just a little. It always feels safer when one of our humans is outside with us.

You came back inside pretty fast when the Zoe’s mother fired up the lawnmower, though.

True. That thing is almost as terrifying as the vacuum cleaner!

Sometimes you go for long walks following our people through the woods, Lola.

You never do that, though, Sasha.

Nah, I like to stay closer to home base, and then you can tell me about your adventures when you get back!


Gorillas use leaves and branches to build nests to sleep in, on the ground or in trees.


7 thoughts on “Can’t Make Up Our Minds

  1. I don’t´think it is a question of not being able to make a decision. Seeing that wast amount of beautiful green grass after months of whiteness is a wonder and breathtaking…. of course the two of you hand to watch, wander, and wait for the right most to wander in the woody garden.
    xox Mette


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