Do Cats Know Their Names?


We have been experimented on by Zoe because she wanted to find out if we really know our names and if we respond to our names.

In the first experiment Zoe sat at the bottom of the stairs and called me. Here is how it went:

As you can see I knew my name very well.

Yeah, but then Zoe made things more complicated…

In the next experiment Sasha and I were lying beside each other, and first Zoe just called Sasha’s name:

Did you see that only I reacted and that Lola didn’t respond at all?

Then Zoe only called my name:

And only I reacted! Aren’t we clever?

But Zoe was not quite done with us! She saved the most fiendish

experiment for last. The test was called… The Trump Test!

But we passed that tricky test! Because we know perfectly well that our name is not Donald Trump!

Hi to our viewers this week in Norway, the UK, the US, Denmark, Russia, India and Sweden!


Great white sharks can detect a drop of blood in 25 gallons of water and can even sense tiny amounts of blood from three miles away.




4 thoughts on “Do Cats Know Their Names?

  1. Yea.. Really one of the best posts.. Waiting for a new post where Zoe is responding to the two of you calling her name …:)


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