We have been enjoying Zoe’s new bed cover! It is two luscious fake fur blankets sewn together that Zoe’s mom found at half price.

Here are some pictures of us groovin’ on it:

We love it so much! It reminds us of our mommies!


Kittens orphaned or separated from their mother and/or littermates too early often fail to develop appropriate “social skills,” such as learning how to send and receive signals, what an “inhibited bite” (acceptable mouthing pressure) means, how far to go in play-wrestling and so forth.



6 thoughts on “Furbulous

  1. Alison Gold answer:pretty furry.
    Coyotes are so like cats in their movements. They are the sinuous ballet dancers of the canid world.
    We have done them terrible injustices. Just think of the mange we introduced in their species. The daily suffering. Oy
    Let’s think about fuzzy blankets!
    XOX Auntie Hanne

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  2. That is true… even the two most independent cats in Tromsø are offspring of a mothercat… wonder how your mummy will answer your sisterly teasing. 😂😮😜Mette


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