Amadeus is visiting!


Our neighbor had a cat named Mons. Mons was not pleased when he found out we were going to live in the neighborhood, so Mons decided to make some problems for us. He tried to scare us away, and was aggressive towards us. When he’d chase us in the garden, we would race up our cat stairs and through our cat flap as fast as we possibly could. We usually escaped without getting hurt.

Mons has gone missing. He’s been gone for months and months now, so our neighbor got a new cat. His name is Amadeus, and he is a male kitten. We wanted to show the little one who is boss, so we had him over to our house for a visit.

When he came over he didn’t seem to be nervous at all: he was purring, and walked calmly around with his “not nervous or scared at all” eyes. We did NOT trust him, so we watched him like a hawk.

Here are some pictures:

   Am 2     I am the first one to say hello.

   Am 1Then I come.

Am 3

I mean, has he never seen a chair?

Am 4

If you take too much, I will…..

Am 5

Zoe tries to make us play together. But no way, that trick only works on the little ones. Good try, Zoe.

Am 6

That is about how far he got before getting hissed at.


There is a cat named Bluey, and she purrs louder than a tube train. The staff at an animal re-homing center measured the decibels using an app – it came up as 91!


What if I purred like that? Than you would drive me nuts, and I’d kick you out.

5 thoughts on “Amadeus is visiting!

  1. I hope Sasha and Lola will make friends with Amadeus. Otherwise you have a problem, don’t you think? Neighbours should be good friends. Happy Easter to all of you!!


  2. You two felines are really doing your bit in helping to raise a well behaved neighborly cat. Good on you.
    They could rent that purring cat out as a white-noise machine, a soft, cuddly white-noise machine.


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