Is That a Cat Palace?!?


Not a lot and here is why: because Zoe has been so busy all weekend in the kitchen! We couldn’t quite figure out what she was making. I kept a close eye on her:


After a while I thought I figured it out: she was making us a new cat palace! But when she put it on the floor for us to see it, we were disappointed when we saw that it was 5 times too small! Oh, Zoe, you really messed it up this time.



By the way, what was that Zoe was talking about? Something about some kind of ginger something something contest? Ginger-ale? No that wasn’t it. Gingervitis? Gingerbread house contest? Oh, whatever that doesn’t matter.

And finally, a shout out to our new viewer in India! Check out her really cool blog at:


Chocolate makes dogs sick. It contains substances known as methylxanthines, which dogs are far more sensitive to than people. Different types of chocolate contain varying amounts of methylxanthines. In general, the darker the chocolate the more methylxanthines it contains and the more dangerous it is.


Zoe tried to prank us with the same practical joke, but it didn’t work! Ha Ha! Check it out here:

12 thoughts on “Is That a Cat Palace?!?

  1. I feel I need to get out my Thesaurus to search for synonyms to whimsical to describe the tower of books you’ve created. The way you chose to elevate the natural color texture of the gingerbread instead of fighting it was a stroke of genius. The delicate scroll work and molded characters emerging from the pages is a fanciful flight of fancy. One criticism. More photos please! Close ups on the characters.
    Auntie Holiday


  2. Hmmm the cucumber prank didn’t work. Lola and Sasha are such brave Viking warriors. They passed the test. They will drink mead and roasted boar in the Halls of Odin. Tales will be told of their Curcubit bravery. On to Valhalla!!!!


  3. IT is a beautiful gingerbread house Zoe has made this year as well. She is a clever girl and you are a lucky pair of cats living with her!! A ” Literary christmas tree” was a very good idea. Don’t we all love reading books at Cristmas!!


    • Yes, we are very lucky to be living with Zoe. Maybe the luckiest cats in the world. Our only complaint is that Zoe didn’t put some of our favorite book titles on the cake. Like: The Cat in the Hat and The Tale of Tom Kitten.
      L&S 😉


  4. This is a beautiful gingerbread “house”. You are a pair of lucky cats living with clever Zoe making such a fantastic “Literary Christmas Tree” . Merry Christmas to all of you!!


  5. This book palace is absolutely great. Was it created for some kine of competition?. If so, Zoe must be the winner. So – Aesop – Greece on the top and H C Andersen – Denmark , in the bottom, and then US, England and Sweden are represented. Good idea – What about Norway, are there any famous Norwegian fairy tellers?
    Anyway, Lola and Sasha, you must be very proud of having such close bond to Zoe…. wonder how the two of you find room for creativity?


    • Yes, this was Zoe’s familys contribution to the anual gingerbread contest at the town library. Thay have won 2 previous years! Soon you will be able to vote for your favorite one. Here is the link to where you can vote: . They haven’t posted pictures of all the houses yet.
      We consider Roald Dahl as Norwegian because he has Norwegian roots. I, Sasha, express my creativity by lap-lounging – IT’S AN ART FORM ! ! ! And I, Lola, express my creativity by chasing snow balls that I never find after they fall into the fluffy snow.
      L&S 😉


  6. Hallo! Your grandma showed me your fantastic litterary house! I’ m realy impressed! I’m looking forward to follow you. From Turid


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