Mystery Snow Sculpture


Just yesterday we had a major snow shower! It’s been really fun because we have had abnormally little snow this winter so far. And apparently it’s been fun for the humans too! On Saturday morning Zoe and her mom went outside in a jiff. They started to build something out of snow in the back yard. We went to check it out — Umm, I went to check it out because you were too scared because you said that what they were making looked like a huge frog.



Ok, FINE! YOU went to check it out then… jeez.


Well, we still have no idea what it is… Is it a frog? It it a dragon head? Is it a two humped camel? An alien? Is it Jabba the Hut, that thing form Star Wars? What is it? It has whiskers so it can’t really be a frog. Can you readers help us figure out what it is?


Wood frogs can survive more than 60% of their body freezing for as long as two weeks.



12 thoughts on “Mystery Snow Sculpture

  1. Wow impressive snow sculpture! I believe it is a Buddha Cat. What hard working humans you’ve captured and made your slaves.
    Some students near us made a huge anatomically correct *Bleep* in their front yard. Magnificent.
    Auntie Hanne

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