Something Smells Fishy


Today we got a big treat from Zoe’s mom’s boss – a whole pollock fish! She caught the fish during a visit at her friend’s cabin. The fish was too small to make for her dinner and that is why we got it. She drove with it for 7 hours to give it to us!

Here are some pictures of me devouring the fish:

Why is there a watermelon in the picture?

I don’t know. But I do know that you were way more interested in the watermelon than the fish, and that is the weird thing!


I can’t believe that you ate more than half of that fish Sasha!


Well, I would have eaten the rest, but Zoe gave it to Amadeus! (He is the neighbor cat.)


Hi, to our viewers this week in the US, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Slovenia!


There are more that 900 species of bats in the world.


7 thoughts on “Something Smells Fishy

  1. “Watermelon would always be my choice too Lola”, says Dimitri. When I eat cubed watermelon from a bowl he tries to smell each forkful like it is a fine Cuban cigar. And the juice left over in the bowl is his favorite vintage of drink.


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