Bells and Challenges


We’ve been enjoying the last days of fall on our balcony. Today it even snowed, but just for about 5 minutes. Notice anything weird in this picture of us having a snack on the balcony? :


Are you struggling? Here is a little hint:


Yes, that’s right, I have a collar on, and I don’t have a stupid collar on!

Stupid?!? I will have you know that cat collars like I have are the latest fashion in cat accessories! This is what all the cool cats in Paris are wearing. By the way did you know that Tromsø (Tromsø is where we live) is known as the Paris of the North?

Oh really? I wonder if Paris is known as the Tromsø of the South.

What happened was that Zoe got fed up that we kept bringing dead or half dead birds and mice into the house. So Zoe’s mom made us wear these collars with bells on.

I was smart and got rid of mine in the woods so Zoe will never find it, just like the first time they put collars on us when we were little.

But I didn’t even try to get my collar off this time because I thought it was fashionable.

Ok, whatever. The only thing I like about the collar is that I now have the perfect excuse to call you “Jingle Bells”!

Well, I prefer to be called “the belle of the ball”, but do as you please.

Ok, let’s change the subject. Good idea.

We were just looking at our statistics and we were amazed to see that our blog has reached 2329 views! Thanks to you guys! 🙂

The last time we reported about our viewers we had viewers in these 16 countries: US, Denmark, Norway, Israel, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Island, Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, Chile, Turkey, Canada and Argentina.

Now we have these new countries to add to the list: Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Sweden, Germany and Japan!  Isn’t that great!

We have a viewer challenge for you:

Step 1: If you have a friend that lives in a country that is not listed above, ask that person to check out our blog.

Step 2: Leave a comment below saying: which country your friend gave us a view from.

Step 3: Look at our next blog post to see our shout out to you and your friend on the blog.


Mammals have three tiny bones in their inner ears that began as the jaw bones of fish.


2 thoughts on “Bells and Challenges

  1. Liv and I love picking out new collars and tags for pets. Nym
    is really tough on collars and goes through them like crazy


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