Curtain Call


We’ve been admiring the art that Zoe (and a tiny tiny bit her mom) has been making with our whiskers. For those of you who don’t remember our whiskers, take a look back at this blog post and this blog post!





We have also been checking out the snow at our back door. (Well, not so much Sasha, just me.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all our readers in all the countries that have looked at our blog:


And as a last note, after a long run of 3 years – posting every week – this unfortunately is going to be the last blog post for a while. Zoe has a lot to do these days with school and other stuff so therefore she doesn’t have as much time to admire our blog – And help us with the typing sometimes 😉 .

But, keep in mind that this is not goodbye forever. We will keep you posted when something major pops up! We don’t know if that is in a couple of weeks, a month or a couple of months.

So, here is our curtain call:



Jellyfish can protect small juvenile fish from being eaten by predators with their stinging cells. Also, many young crabs hitchhike on the top of jellyfish so they don’t have to swim.


14 thoughts on “Curtain Call

  1. Applaus – so creative examples of recycling. I love the jellyfish.
    Applaus – 150 blogposts – that discipline par exellence. You have shows tha cats possess this trait.
    You are sneaking out the catdoor behind the curtain – but I know that you always return this way, and maybe Zoe will be ready with her camera
    xxx Mette😻😜😻

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  2. Farewell for now sweet friends. It is wonderful that your lives are so full. As it should be.
    When your cousin Livy stopped swim team (5 days a week plus Saturday meets) at around your age her world opened up to so many new possibilities. She had time for voice lessons, piano lessons, writing, improv, ballet, theatre roles and more. I think Sasha and Lola should begin a cat whicker art business on Etsy to keep them busy. Easy piece in incredible unique and graceful.
    xox Auntie Hanne
    P.S. I saw the gorgeous present Zoe made for Theresa and think that she is quite talented.

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    • Oh, yes. It is great that I am developing new passions (like kickboxing and scouts) and still loving the old ones (like acting). But the main thing that is taking up a lot of time now is unfortunately school.
      Zoe (sorry for the late response)


  3. Happy new year! The whisker art is so beautiful and creative! We have enjoyed each post and look forward to Sasha and Lola’s return.
    Giovanna, Polly, Bill, Lucy, and Totoro

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New year! Sorry for the late response! Hey! Have you guys ever thought about doing whisker art with Lucy and Totoros whiskers? If you do just e-mail us!
      Lola, Sasha & Zoe 🙂


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