Goofing Off


We have been taking goofy pictures of each other!

Check out these two close-ups:

Can you guess who is who? The first one is a tiny portion of this picture of me, Sasha:


And the second close-up is a tiny piece of this picture of me, Lola!


And after we were done goofing off, Zoe needed my help practicing her lines for a play.

She is going to play Fanny (and 5 other girls parts) in “A Christmas Carol” adapted from the story by Charles Dickens.

This is a big professional production that will run for 6 weeks with 3 performances per week. Zoe is going to get paid a very comfortable amount!

First Zoe had to go through 2 auditions and now she has 6 weeks of intense rehearsals with a lot of singing, dancing and of course acting!




Winston Churchill famously said that “Dogs look up to man. Cats look down to man. Pigs look us straight in the eye and see an equal.”


13 thoughts on “Goofing Off

  1. Lola and Sasha… If you listen to Rosinni’s duet:” Miau -meow” I think you will be able to coach Zoe a trick or two… singing and acting😸😹. Congrats sweet Zoe with your part… you are jumping milestones…


    • Yes! That is for sure! We just tried to leave a comment on your blog post called It’s a photograph!, but when we posted the comment it said “Invalid Security token”. So we are not sure if you are going to get our mesage.
      L&S 🙂

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      • Oops! Sorry about that! I think it may have something to do with my settings, although I’m not quite sure what.

        I occasionally get a similar message when I try to respond to MY OWN blog if I use my iPad. I get a message saying something like, “This line is not secure. Do you still want to comment?” Since I’m not leaving national secrets or my bank account number, I comment anyway, but it is annoying and I wish I could figure out how to stop it happening. Ah well, I guess it’s just one of the many mysteries of WordPress. 😀

        Hi Bun,
        Yeah, WordPress is great but we still struggle with a few things!
        In the comment we tried to leave you we asked if you would like to write a short animal related guest post some time. That would be great! We think you are really funny! Sometimes we cats have conversations with each other that remind us of the conversations you have with your son.
        L&S 🙂

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  2. Hi again! I’m doing A Christmas Carol at my school also!!!!!!!!! We don’t have parts yet, but we’ll get them soon. Good luck in your play!


  3. Oh, that’s so great! I hope you get a fantastic part! I wish I could be in America to see you in the play! You are really gonna shine! We watched a lot of the different movie versions of A Christmas Carol to really get in the spirit.
    From Zoe 🙂


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