Arctic Spring


Yes, spring has finally come to the Arctic! And we got this year’s first taste of fresh grass. Here are some pictures of our grass feast:

spring1       new grass

spring2     spring3

After all that work I needed a cat nap:

cat napFUN FACT:

Have you ever wondered why cats eat grass? Yes, I have Sasha. Well, here is your answer: eating grass may help cats throw up indigestible matter or pass it through their back ends. It also contains folic acid, which is a vitamin that cats need.


I have personally never been naughty. Yeah, right.

6 thoughts on “Arctic Spring

  1. I’m so glad you two have some nice grass to nosh on. I know Nymmie really loves to eat grass, especially straight from the source.


  2. Hi, Lola and Sasha. I hope all the snow is gone when I visit you in May. And you can eat all the green grass you want. Your town is beautiful in May!!!! I’m looking forward to see you.


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