True or Fall-se


Our friend Jen sent us a link to a viral story. We read it and we thought it was a very good story. So here it is:

“My dad was a skydiver back in the sixties. There was a guy in his club that was a nut. He had the idea that he could test the axiom that “cats always land on their feet” from free fall altitude, where he would fall with them and observe their self-righting behavior. He had no interest in aiding their descent, just wanted to see how they behaved in free fall. In his plan, landing was the cats’ problem, not his. Scientific impartiality, or some such thing.

He took four stray cats up in a pillowcase for the jump. After exiting the plane, he turned the pillowcase inside out, releasing the cats. To his great surprise, all four cats attached themselves to his body immediately. With their claws. Given that cats have 18 claws each, he was punctured at least 72 times. More, probably, because he struggled vainly to remove the cats as he fell, but they were having none of it, and would reattach with even more conviction with every effort he made to pull them off.

Presently, he was out of altitude, and had to turn his attention to opening the chute. Let’s pause to do some math. A chute opening can generate as much as 3 Gs of force. The average cat weighs 8 lbs at 1 G. At three Gs, this becomes 24 lbs per cat. So when the chute opened, for a moment this guy had 72 razor sharp claws in his skin, each one being pulled down with a force of about one and a third pounds. That’s 96 pounds of cat. He was sliced to ribbons, basically.

All four cats hung on through the chute opening, although the skydiver’s shredded flesh allowed each one to slip several inches. Bleeding and in misery, the skydiver managed to make a safe, if rather rough, landing in a farm field.

As soon as he hit the earth, all four cats ran off across the field, leaving him to lie there bleeding from his hundred or so wounds. He was the only member of the skydiving club that was displeased with the results of his experiment.”

We are not sure if this really happened or if it’s a myth. What do you think? Is it true or false? Tell us in the comments!

Hi to our viewers this week in the US, the UK, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada and France! And a huge welcome to our new viewer in tiny Guernsey!!! We didn’t even know that was a country! Well, you learn something new every day!


A cat in the city of Boston survived a fall from a 19-storey window and only bruised her chest. Wild cats are essentially arboreal animals: they naturally spend a lot of time in trees. Being able to survive a fall is critical.


Here is Lola getting gnarly in Zoe’s hair:


Here is Zoe at the very beginning of a teaser for a Norwegian documentary film that will come out next year:

She is saying: “This box contains something very important to me.” To find out what it is, you’ll have to see the documentary!


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