The Birdhouse


Zoe and her dad made a birdhouse about four years ago, and they put it up in the backyard. It has recently fallen down, so Zoe and her mom decided to put it up again. And of course they needed our help.

First they had to clean it out because it was full of muck. Since I have such a sensitive nose, I was asked to inspect it.

     b house sasha bird owder 1   b house sasha bird owder 2

While I was doing very inportant work, Lola was fooling around as usual.

         lola ladder 1   lola lader 2

Lola was checking out the ladder when she saw a ladybug and ran off! Well, it was a very big ladybug!

Then Zoe needed our opinion on where in the tree to put the birdhouse.

b house lola zoe latter     b house sasha zoe ladder

And after all that work, I needed a snack.



Research has shown that cows have best friends within their herds and they become stressed if separated.


6 thoughts on “The Birdhouse

  1. You two are true martyrs sacrificing your afternoon to help Zoe clean and fix up those bird houses..
    Just a wonderful video, wonderful.


  2. That birdhouse is so pretty! And it really is great if you two to sacrifice your afternoons to help Zoe out. Real stand up gals you two! And I want my best friend to be a cow.


  3. Hi Lola and Sasha
    Maybe a grassbird would cheer you up. It would be at hand, now arctic spring or summer is near
    😺Maybe Zoe could create.


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