Charlotte’s Web


Today I went out on the balcony to lie down, when I saw many spiderlings that were exploding in all directions with their little spider parachutes. It was AMAZING!!! They were so tiny, only about 2 mm long. The first thought that popped into my head was: I wonder if they taste good? But I decided to just observe them, from underneath! So I lay down right under them. Some of them landed on me and started to crawl into my fur. It tickled!

We didn’t get a video of them flying, but here is what we got after some of them decided to settle down and stay on our balcony:

The title of this post came to us because Zoe had just watched the movie Charlotte’s Web a couple of days ago. Zoe cried her eyes out! (And so did her mom.)


Young spiders can move away from the place where they hatched by sending out a strand of their silk and riding it on the wind. Sometimes they “fly” for hundreds of miles.


Wow, what an airhead! Just like you, Lola! Oh, sorry, did you say something, Sasha?

4 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Web

  1. Ach Charlotte’s web. The kids always bring up the fact that when I read it aloud to them it took me forever to read the last part because I was trying so hard not to cry. They do a great impression of me hiccuping and reading. – “Good-bye!” she whispered.”
    Good you didn’t eat the spiderlings Templeton…I mean Lola.


  2. My mom can’t finish that book without huge hiccuping sighs. It’s very sweet and funny, and definitely adds to the whole experience of finishing that book. I had no idea little spiders were so cute!


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