Predictions for 2016


We’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve! Well, actually Sasha celebrated under the bed because of the fireworks.


Don’t judge me! You were following Zoe’s mom wherever she went, and when she sat down you had to practically hold her foot!

Ok, whatever. Let’s get on with the blog.

This is what we really want to talk about:

We have made our predictions for 2016! And we want to share them with you guys. This is how it works:



I picked numbers 1 and 6 and I picked 8, 6 and 5. Here are the predictions that the numbers correspond to:

  1. A great world leader will emerge who will take a selfie of himself and his cat.
  2. A new sitcom will come out and there will not be a cat in it.
  3. There will be a huge natural disaster in which a cat will tragically lose a whisker.
  4. The lion and the lamb shall lie down together, but the lamb won’t get much sleep.
  5. A species not yet known to science shall go extinct during a month with an “R” in it.
  6. The stock market shall go down, then a little bit up, and then a little bit down, and then a little bit more down, and then up to where it was before.
  7. A device will be invented that will revolutionize something.
  8. It will snow in Norway and it will be warm in the desert, and elsewhere there will be a lot of weather.


The cost of spaying or neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising puppies or kittens for a year.


This is a video of Zoe wishing you all a happy New Year:

4 thoughts on “Predictions for 2016

  1. A Happy New Year to our fuzzy friends in Tromso. The video of Zoe is genius. It reminds me of an old french fairy tale that I read and reread as a child, the gist is there are two sisters and the good sister is blessed with diamonds and flowers falling from her mouth when she speaks and the bad sister is cursed with frogs and vipers falling from her lips when she speaks. Honestly both seem to be cursed. The “good” sister wins marriage with the king and the bad dies in the woods.
    Your predictions for the coming year seem as solid as any.
    Much love in the New Year Auntie Hanne


    • I Lola wouldn’t mind cat treats falling out of Sasha’s mouth so that I could eat them! But, Lola, then I wouldn’t be able to talk. Oh, Sasha, that would just be a bonus! Anyway, happy New Year to you too!
      L&S 😉


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