The Flappy Game


I have been playing this really fun game with the cat door!

Oh, so that is that weird thing you have been doing with the cat flap. I was getting a bit worried that you were going crazy or something.

So, how do you play this game then, Lola?

Well, I go up to the cat flap, then I paw at it 20 or so times, and then I go through the cat flap and go outside. And then I have won the game!

Sounds, um, easy.

That’s where you are wrong. It is actually quite dificult.

Well, good for you, Lola.

Thanks. I am very proud of myself!

Ok, well, I give up.

And here is a video of me demonstrating how I play:


The oldest cat video on YouTube dates back to 1894 (when it was made, not when it was uploaded, duh).


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