Snow and Cat Palace


Just last weekend we had our first snow shower of the winter! Yay! The second I saw the snow falling I ran out on the balcony. Here is a picture of me with those first snowflakes:

snowing sasha1

snowing lola2

first snow taste

After a while we got cold and went inside to our new cozy mozy super deluxe cat palace that Zoe made for us. I like the top level, and I like the bottom level. Here are some pictures of it:


cp2     cp3

cp4     cp5

Our new favorite place to take a catnap!


Most bear species eat a combination of plants and meat. But the panda bear is the only all vegetarian bear and the polar bear is the only all meat eating bear.


4 thoughts on “Snow and Cat Palace

  1. What a magnificent palace for you sweeties. Zoe is a creative arkitect beyond. You never have to move away. Just stick to your place, and you get a new house once a year. Richly decorated. 🏠😽😺


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