A Pawfect Way to Drink


I have been enjoying the new cat bed that we got!

Yeah, and totally stealing it from me!

Well, sorry, but you have been so preoccupied with inventing new ways to drink.

Oh, right! Yes, I invented a totally new way of drinking that no cat or human has ever seen until today!


So, what is it really that you are doing here?

Isn’t it obvious?


I am incorpurating my paw into the complicated manouver of this special drinking method that involves years of intense training until you have enough skill to pull it off.

 know what you’re thinking: “When can I start my lessons?” Well, you can call me on my private cell and book an appointment.


Cats require 2-4 ounces of fresh water in addition to their food. This of course depends on if the cat is eating wet or dry food.


5 thoughts on “A Pawfect Way to Drink

  1. That basket looks amazingly cozy. Personally I would have filled it with citrus but I am only a weirdo human.
    Funny that is how Dimitri drinks. Nym started copying him and drinks that way about 50% of the time. She copied a few of his other quirks as well. I wonder how often adult cats learn quirks from each other.
    xox Auntie Hanne


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