I Smell a Rat!


We’ve been taking it easy this week.

This morning we were lying around in Zoe’s bedroom, me in the bed, and me on the floor…



…when Zoe called us up for breakfast by shaking the cat food container.

Ahh! Finally breakfast! About time! We rushed up the stairs to find that there was something – or someone – in our food!

Of course I had to be the brave one and investigate!

I’m brave too! I just suddenly remembered something I urgently had to do downstairs.

Anyway, I checked it out and found out that it was a rat! And not even a real one either!



Ha ha very funny Zoe! She thinks she is so clever.

Shout out to our new viewers in Brazil and Zimbabwe!

And hi to our viewers this last week in South Africa, Denmark, the US, the UK, Norway and Canada!


Rats take care of injured and sick rats in their group.


11 thoughts on “I Smell a Rat!

  1. A rubber rat in the food! Zoe you must take after Helle and me because we did just that with a black rubber rat we got in Denmark one summer. We put it in Bedstemor’s food. Ewwww.


  2. Hi, Sasha and Lola
    I’ll think of something very “funny” you can put in Zoe’s breakfast one morning before she gets up.She will be surpriced!


  3. I read this post to Bella, and she couldn’t stop laughing. But she said if we had done the same to her, she would have run away like a scared puppy! You two are very brave, and Zoe is super hilarious.


  4. Cut into the Lola -Sasha bone

    In Tromso are living two torties
    Both teasing and known as a smartie.
    When Sasha screams: ” Lola
    A mouse here, it’s” Oh-la””
    At once, Lola makes her sortie

    To Sasha the best thing is pranking
    And this is her favorite saying:
    “This mouse is a cheat
    Get back to your seat
    Remember to skip any spanking”

    But Lola IS angry with Sasha
    And snow-pees her massage to “Basha”:
    “The mouse is a toy
    And this is no joy,
    Come, serve me somme veggies for lunch, ya!”

    But torties are born to be nice
    So Sasha is throwing her dice:
    “Come here, I’ ll ask Zoe
    To build you of snow ee
    A beautiful palace, max size”.



    • Thank you soo soo much for this totally epic poem! You have really captured our personalities! And it is probably not that easy to write poems in a foreign language. Excellent work!
      L&S 🙂


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