Pet Petting Zones


We’ve been making a petting chart for Zoe so that she knows where the good and bad spots are for petting us.

She knows this pretty good already but she might want to share with her family and friends.

Here is what we’ve come up with for me:


And here is what we’ve come up with for me:


Note well that we are two very different cats, so we also have different petting zones and taste in where we like to be pet.

Do you know wat your pets petting zones are? (If you have a pet.)


A lion in the wild usually makes no more than twenty kills a year.


5 thoughts on “Pet Petting Zones

  1. I see you took the chart that Livy sent me and customized it for yourselves. If Livy had a chart it would say DON’T touch on her feet, Bella’s would say don’t touch her paws with out asking, mine would mark out my feet and shoulders as Please touch and massage.
    Livy just took a massage class (she’d make a great masseuse) and when you go to get a massage you fill in a chart of the human body front and back to mark the places that ache and the don’t-you-dare-touch spots. We should all do that with new friends about personalities too. Taboos would be clearly marked in red and comment-safe topics would be colored in sea blue.
    My golden areas would be family, books, nature, music, cooking and travel.
    love Auntie Hanne


  2. Fies next sweetest spot was the center of her footpads, she really liked when I tickeled her at center of her pads of her forlegs. Fie liked to be cuddled but was at the same time careful, eager to run away if she felt insecure. Her sweetest spot was actually gentle voice. She loooved to lay on a couch, me sitting next to her, talking to her in a very gentle voice in a rythm that syncronized her movements.And she kept on moving and moving, “saying”: tell me more and more. I think I made a human way of communcating a miauw, that she could “understand”.


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