Bigger Is Better


Zoe keeps saying that the only thing that would make us better is if we were the size of lions! So I made her wish come true!


Great photoshopping skills Sasha!

Oh, and speaking of great things! Just this week we for the first time started to scratch the second scratching mat! Zoe’s dad had to take down the first one because it was literally falling to bits.


Hi to our viewers this week in the UK, Norway, the USA and Denmark


Rats laugh when tickled.



This is a video by Ravi (he is a Norwegian musician). It is really cool because it is in sign language and Zoe got to be in it. See if you can find her in the choir! A lot of people in the video are deaf:

6 thoughts on “Bigger Is Better

  1. Zoe must NOT feed you so well! Soon there is no room for you in the house and you will have to live outside!


  2. I bet Sasha and Lola have been wishing for a tiny girl Zoe. All the fun they could have with you if you were doll size.
    It reminds me of the old times movie Freaky Friday where a mom and her teen daughter switch bodies, the remake is good too.
    Blah Blah blah
    Mette’s mother cat and kitten video warms the heart on this cold day.
    Zoe, sorry I haven’t seen the Ravi video yet this one won’t load either.
    XOX Auntie Hanne


  3. Yes, it would be fun to have a doll-sized Zoe! We will try to find that movie because it sounds good. Speaking of old times movies, we watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind the night before last. It was SO SO SO boring in every possible way! In our latest blog post our Video Pick is one you recommended and it is also heartwarming.
    L&S 🙂


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