Helping The Humans


This week we have been reflecting on how helpful we are!

Example #1: Here is a picture of us helping Zoe put fresh covers on the bed:


Example #2: Here is a picture of me helping Zoe’s mom sew:


Example #3: Here is a picture of me helping Zoe’s mom pack her suit case:


Example #4: Zoe was going on a Scouts trip so she was testing her new sleeping mat while we were supervising her and giving her tips:


Yup, the humans are pretty lucky to have us around!

Before we sign off, we would like to update you guys on the bird/collar situation.

If you read last week’s blog post you would know that we got collars with bells on them. And you would also know that Lola scratched her collar off within about 32 hours, while my collar is still on.

Well, bird killings around here have certainly dropped way down, but somehow two dead birds got into the house.

The people are wondering which of us killed the birds.

Was it Sasha, who is such a good hunter that she can kill birds while wearing a bell?

Or was it Lola, who is not at all known for her hunting skills? (Sorry about that, Lola. That’s ok. I know it’s true.)

We’re not telling! 😉


The world’s smallest known vertebrate is a frog smaller than a quarter called Paedophryne amanuensis.


4 thoughts on “Helping The Humans

  1. Bella and Sterling agree that cats are better than dogs but add that dogs are better than donuts dipped in mustard. (Nym wrote that sorry)


  2. You two guys surely posses more
    compassion than you usually admit to your audience 😉 Can’t wait to read your next disclosures.


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