Halloween Snow


We have been so worried that we wouldn’t have snow for Halloween. But, our “prayers” were answered, and today we got lots of snow! When we got up thin morning there was just a light sprinkling of snow, but now we ave loads of it! Yay!

Here are some pictures and a video of us enjoying the chrispy frozen rain:

Photo 29-10-2017, 08 05 44_lr

What was up with that last one Lola?

Haha, don’t ask, don’t tell!

Ok, you goofy little fluff ball!

We’ll talk about that nickname later…

But hey, Lola, what are you gonna be for Halloween?

Huh, that I have not thought a lot about.

Maybe we should do one of those cute but scary Pinterest DIY couples costumes!

Oh, Sasha, you are so funny, but you don’t need a costume to look scary!

Ok, that one was called for. Well played my friend…


When vampire bats feed, they use their teeth to shear away hair or feathers from a small spot and then cut into their victim’s flesh with their sharp incisors.



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