Royal Visit


Today Norway’s King and Queen came to Tromsø (where we live) to cheer on the annual midnight sun marathon! Apparently it is not allowed for cats to run in the marathon, otherwise we would be running right now.

Here is a picture of the King and Queen: The Queen is wearing the red poncho and the King is wearing a dark gray coat.


If you were a king what rules would you make, Sasha? 

Well, Lola, if I were king I would say that it is not allowed to put your bird feeder higher up than 3 feet!

Oh, I bet I know what made you think of that!


You are probably thinking about the new birdfeeder that Zoe’s dad put up right outside hanging from the roof above the balcony.

Yeah! That thing is driving me absolutely crazy!

You and me both, Sasha!

And the birds that come and eat at the feeder are the most annoying little things that come and go as fast as bullets!


And here is a picture of Lola just waiting for one of those birds to fly into her mouth:



A bird’s plumage usually weighs more than its skeleton.


2 thoughts on “Royal Visit

  1. Great photo… I guess, Zoe must have been waiting in queue for quite a periode to ensure such a great position as photograph. Did she welcome you two sweetie queenies as you deserve when she returned? Otherwise you can get Jon to take a photo of you with her tiara, so she will not forget your position.


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