Valentines in the Snow


We’ve been practicing our synchronized window watching. You may be wondering what that is. Well, it is where we sit in the windowsill and turn our heads in the same way at the same time. And then Zoe takes pictures of us. So we’ve been working on this all week, and this is the result:

  1. Looking out the window:


2. Looking at Zoe:


3. Looking at each other:



Well, after all that hard work we needed to go out for a walk. While we were walking along we realized that there was a lot of dog pee messages on the sides of the path. It is a well-known fact that we cats don’t speak dog. But we think we have understood the dog pee messages pretty well.

This one says “MARRY ME”. But this dog is a bad speller because he forgot one R in marry.

marry me85


We found the answer a little further down the path:


It was a YES!!!

The bride and the groom both left a message telling their friends and family that the wedding is at 11 am:


And here is someone saying OK:


We have a shout out to our new viewer in Paraguay! And hi to our viewers this last week in the USA, the UK, Denmark, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands!

P.s. Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers, wherever they are in this big world.


The flamingo can only eat when its head is upside down.


This is a video of me trying to climb to the top of the heap of snow outside our back door:

4 thoughts on “Valentines in the Snow

  1. Hi, I never thought of the pee as massages in the snow after living in Tromsø for more than 50 years! I’ m sorry I missed good knowledge about dogs and cats and what they are up to. Thank you for the information.

    And I must say I like the pictures of the two of you. You look almost like the china cats old women used to place in their window-frames,,,,,beautiful!!

    And now Zoe has her winter vacation and can play with you all day, lucky cats!
    Ps: I can see a picture of my old family in your window-frame, brings back good memories.
    Klem fra farmor


  2. I agree with Marit that you look like matching porcelain figurines in the windows. We had a 2 day rain last week and almost all the snow melted and the rest is GROSS. After the next flurries I will check out what messages are being written in the snow here. Bella wants to know if she can be “pen (pee) pals” with a Norwegian dog. Mmmm I told her I wasn’t sure about the logistics.

    You wrote Happy Mother’s Day. Is it Mother’s Day in Norway??
    Great video..
    Auntie Hanne


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