Hi there!

This is our first blog post. Every blog post we will post something fun or bad we did, a fun animal fact and an animal video pick.

Usually it is both of us talking. When it is Lola talking it is in blue. When it is Sasha, it is in red.


The day before yesterday the electricity went away in all of northern Norway. It got really cold but we snuggled up with Zoe. So to make the time go we played a card game called Rat-a-tat Cat. Then the power came back on for about 30 seconds, and then it went out again. It was fun seeing the humans stumbling around in the dark with their dinky little flashlights and candles, because we see so well in the dark!candles


Did you know that an aardvark’s tongue can be up to 12 inches, that is 30.5 cm?

That is not fair! I wish I had a tongue like that!


Here is a cute video about an orangutan and a dog that are best friends:

See you later, alligator!

16 thoughts on “Hi there!

  1. This video blew my mind. Seeing the exuberant love between these two species warmed up this cold winter’s day. Love you and keep up the good work on this mind expanding blog. Auntie Hanne.


  2. Hei Zoe, Så artig at du har startet din egen blog om alt dine to søte katter, Sacha og Lola. opplever i løpet av dagen. Gleder meg til å lese mer ettherhvert. Klem fra farmor


  3. Hallo Zoe! It is so interesting to read about all the funny things Lola and Sacha do at home. And I like the pictures og you as a little girl with grandma’s cat. I’m sure that cat had a very god life.
    I think Sasha and Lola have enough snow to play in now, don’t you?
    Best wishes from farmor


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